The Word Among Us


A study taught by Pastor John Henry Corcoran. John teaches every Thursday morning at 10 a.m. in the Main Sanctuary. This morning study is great for those unable to attend in the evenings or anyone who has the morning free.

John Henry Corcoran07/17/2014AMIsaiah 41-42
John Henry Corcoran07/03/2014AMIsaiah 40
John Henry Corcoran06/26/2014AMIsaiah 30-39
John Henry Corcoran06/19/2014AMIsaiah 27-29
Darren Johnson06/12/2014AMBorn Again - 1 Peter 1:23-25
Ken Sutton06/05/2014AMSix Pictures of Jesus in Genesis
Karl Corcoran05/29/2014AMUnity - Philippians 2:1-4
John Henry Corcoran05/22/2014AMIsaiah 24-26
John Henry Corcoran05/08/2014AMCommunion- Mark 14:22-26
John Henry Corcoran04/10/2014AMSong of Solomon 1-8
John Henry Corcoran04/03/2014AMEcclesiastes 7-12
John Henry Corcoran03/20/2014AMProverbs 25-31
John Henry Corcoran03/13/2014AMProverbs 19-24
John Henry Corcoran03/06/2014AMProverbs 14-18
John Henry Corcoran02/27/2014AMProverbs 10-13
John Henry Corcoran02/20/2014AMProverbs 6-9
John Henry Corcoran02/13/2014AMProverbs 1-5
John Henry Corcoran01/30/2014AMJob 3-37
John Henry Corcoran01/23/2014AMJob 1-2
Brian Brodersen, Phil Twente, Abraham DeAlba, Jonathan Done01/16/2014PMPrayer for the Body of Christ Globally - Rom 10:11-15
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