Coffee Ministry


The Coffee Ministry is a team of people who serve coffee between services on Sundays and for other special events, on and off our campus. In doing something so simple, we also carry the responsibility of ministering to the body of Christ by creating an atmosphere for fellowship after or between services. We have a chance to see how God brings people together over a cup of coffee and catch up on life (including the serving team itself). The physical work involved in setup and cleanup is fun because it’s done in the Spirit. This ministry does not require a lot of your time and introduces you to so many other people at CCCM. It’s a great way to begin serving in a ministry here on campus .


If you are interested in a ministry that has the following aspects, this ministry could be your calling: 


-The gift of hospitality (making others feel comfortable while serving).
-Interactions with several different people on a regular basis. 
-Sincerely listening to and praying with those you are serving.
-Physically setting up sugars, cream, etc. and cleaning after each service.
-Organizing setup and cleanup for each service.
-Serving people with God’s grace and showing His love to others.

If you are interested, please apply to serve below, and Robertino Baramino will contact you about getting involved! 


To Apply to Serve, go to Community Life or click on the link below.


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Robertino Baramine
Coffee Ministry Overseer
I have been serving here since 2012 in the coffee ministry, which I now oversee.


The coffee ministry is a place where we disciple one another, love one another, serve one another, encourage one another, build each other up in our walks with the Lord; and we are able to live out our faith in Christ through our actions. The Bible tells us faith without works is dead, if we don't put our faith into action, it isn't a faith; it is just nice ideas. When God truly does the work in our lives, it effects everything about us. It effects our words, our thoughts and our actions. How do we know someone is a true follower of Christ? By Christ-like action, being generous, kind or gentle. It is all about action. Can people tell by our actions that we belong to God? We have areas where we can come up higher, but as a believer, we can be confident that God is at work in us. He is faithful and will complete what He started as we invite Him to search our hearts and mind, as we surrender every area of our heart to Him and put our faith into action; He will finish His perfect work in us.