The Couples Fellowship exists for all married, engaged, and dating couples to come and support one another as we seek Christ in our lives. It is our aim to strengthen our relationships with God as well as support one another within our relationships with each other. We are led by Will and Pamela Lynn. We encourage you to come and join us!


Videos of the 2019 Couples Retreat now available, visit our resources tab to watch! 


The first Friday of each month at 7 PM in the Fellowship Hall 

The Couples Fellowship meets once a month for a time of worship, fellowship, and study. At 7 PM, we enter into a time of worship and Bible study. This is a great place to deepen your faith and explore God’s Word for your life. The Couples Fellowship is meant to be a place of encouragement and growth for all serious couples who desire to draw near to God.


Feel free to email us for event information and details. 


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Will and Pamela Lynn

Pastor Will Lynn and his wife Pamela serve here at Chapel Costa Mesa. Pastor Will is in a Administrative Pastor whose goal is to continue to unify the staff of our church and our congregation through the Bible and encouragement of the Holy Spirit. Together Will and Pamela serve the...


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2016 Valentine Retreat Recap

Couples Retreat - Session 1

Char & Grace Brodersen

Couples Retreat - Session 2

Char & Grace Brodersen

Couples Retreat - Session 3

Matt & Esther Dewitt

Couples Retreat - Session 4

Ernie & Erma Gutierrez

Couples Retreat - Session 5

Jarret & Trisha Petero

Couples Retreat - Session 6

Will & Pamela Lynn


Email: plynn@cccm.com

Address: The Fellowship Hall at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa
3800 S. Fairview St.
Santa Ana, Ca 92704

Phone: (714) 979-4422