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One of the greatest questions a person can ask is... — What am I living for? Or, what is life all about? Live Life is a class designed to answer questions for believers!


Live Life is a 4 week class that meets quarterly in the Family Room and is designed to answer, equip and empower the believer in their relationship with Christ.


Discover what it means to truly “live life”. Learn what it means to live a new life by overcoming sin, confronting temptation and fear, and living life to the fullest.


The Live Life course uses a book in its classes called "Live Life", written by Jarrett Petero. 


Live Life is a simple and concise discipleship book. It targets four of the main issues every believer faces after receiving Christ. It’s uniquely designed to be a follow up and follow through book that equips believers in their faith. 

It strategically takes a believer through four sessions of life‘s greatest questions on how to live fresh, live free, live forgiven, and live forever. These four topics include… 

Live fresh - how to experience a new life in Christ by actively reading the Bible, learning to pray, and living in community. 

Live free - how to confront temptation, sin, and overcome past failure. 

Live forgiven - how to find identity in Christ, reconcile broken relationships, and experience true restoration.

Live forever-  how to live life in the power of the Holy Spirit and discover how to make daily decisions that will have an eternal impact.




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Jarrett Petero
Community Outreach Pastor
Jarrett Petero currently serves as the Community Outreach Pastor at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. He has been involved in ministry since 1993. Jarrett has served and experienced a variety of roles at different churches over the years. Jarrett is blessed to return to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa to serve the body of Christ and community today.



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