Baby Dedication Class

July 7, 2024
Family Ministry

We offer an opportunity for baby dedications on the last Sunday of every month.


If you would like to have your baby dedicated, please sign up below for the class offered on the first Sunday of the month. 



Baby dedications have been a part of our church gatherings since the founding of Calvary Chapel. In the same way that Jesus was dedicated as a child in the temple, we publicly dedicate our children to God, adopting the children of our church into a wider community. This year, we set an intentional practice in how we dedicate our children to the Lord. Our goal is to participate as witnesses, taking a moment to pray together for our church families.


As a church, we make this promise:

"Blessed child of the covenant, for you God made the world.
For you the prophets and patriarchs were sent.
For you the covenants and promises were given.
For you God’s revelation was written down.
For you our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, became a Man, lived a perfect life, suffered, died upon the cross, and was raised again for your salvation. 

"You cannot possibly know these things now, but we, your church, promise to tell them to you until you make them your own."

To the parents, we give this exhortation: 

Tell your children the story everywhere you go:

At the table, before bed. Tell them the story.


For the children, we have this prayer: 

May your divine purpose be realized and accomplished in and throughout your lives.

As time passes beyond our gatherings, we pray for the next generation to be raised up in the wonder and beauty of who they've been made to be.



Baby dedication classes are held on the first Sunday of the month at 10:15 AM in the Family Room. We will share the heart behind baby dedications and help guide you and your family through the process. 


Please click below to register! 


For more information, call us at 714-979-4422, or stop by our Welcome Kiosk on Sunday.