The Spirit, The Church, and The World

Sunday morning services meet at 8:30 and 11:00 a.m. in the Main Sanctuary.


6 May 2018
The Battle for the Gospel
Salvation is by grace alone through faith alone. If we add anything else, we lose the Gospel. In his message titled, "The Battle for the Gospel" from Acts 15:1-35 Pastor...
29 Apr 2018
Paul's First Missionary Journey
‪All ministry and mission work, including mercy and medical missions, must be motivated and driven by the love of God and the message of salvation through faith in Christ. Pastor...
15 Apr 2018
Sent Out by the Holy Spirit
When we gather with God's people, the Spirit has the opportunity to speak a specific prophetic word to us. In his message titled, "Sent Out By the Holy Spirit" from...
8 Apr 2018
The Word of God Increased and Multiplied
God’s Word saves the sinner and sanctifies the saint. Pastor Brian Brodersen continues in his message titled, "The Word Increased and Multiplied" taken from Acts 12 by exhorting us that...
18 Mar 2018
The Barnabas Ethos
How can our love stay soft and our truth stay hard? In his message titled, "The Barnabas Ethos" taken from Acts 11:19-30, Pastor Brian Brodersen explains by sharing that true...
11 Mar 2018
The First Christians
Wherever the 1st century Christians went, they spoke the name and message of Jesus and lived out their lives in devotion to Him.‬ In his message titled, "The First Christians"...
4 Mar 2018
What God Has Cleansed Do Not Call Unclean
We will never hear God say to us, "Your sin disgusts Me." In his message titled, "What God Has Cleansed Do Not Call Unclean" from Acts 10:24-34 and Galatians 2:11-16,...
25 Feb 2018
The Gospel Across All Boundaries
God's attitude toward people is not determined by any external criteria, such as appearance, race, nationality or class. God accepts all who come to Him through Christ. In his The Spirit,...
18 Feb 2018
Saul and Jesus on the Road to Damascus
Every conversion story will include a collision story: A moment where our lives or beliefs or worldviews collide with God’s reality. In his message titled, "Saul and Jesus on the...
11 Feb 2018
Divine Appointments
Divine appointments are those gospel opportunities that are so extraordinary, they can’t be explained naturally and can’t occur apart from the direct involvement and leading of the Holy Spirit. This...
4 Feb 2018
The Unconverted Convert
Many people try to use Jesus to get what they want: An abusive husband tries to use Jesus to get his wife back, or a person in business tries to...
28 Jan 2018
Joy in the City
We must use our words to preach the gospel, and our lives should support our words, but it’s not our lives that saves people; it’s the gospel. In his message...
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