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21 Dec 2016
Genesis 32-36
God had to teach Jacob that God's way is never through the thicket of man's cunning or devices. In this Thru the Bible study in Genesis 32-36, Pastor Brian Brodersen uses the...
14 Dec 2016
Genesis 28
Giving to God through our tithes is a privilege. It is a joy to think that we get to participate in what God is doing. This and other blessings are...
30 Nov 2016
Genesis 24-28
Our God is a personal God. There is nothing too insignificant to ask Him. In this Thru the Bible study in Genesis 24-28, we will see this very thing in...
16 Nov 2016
Genesis 18-25
We continue our Thru the Bible series in Genesis 18-25 with a focus on the life of Abraham and how his obedience was a proof of his faith. Pastor Brian Brodersen states...
9 Nov 2016
Genesis 12-17
In Genesis 12-17 we are introduced to Abraham, the father of both the Jewish and Christian faith. We will also see the implications of Islam's mythological version of him. In...
26 Oct 2016
Genesis 10-11
Many of the hotly debated topics that are front and center in our culture today are addressed in the first 11 chapters of Genesis. In this teaching in Genesis chapters...
5 Oct 2016
Genesis 6-9
Walking with God, grace, Nephilim, and the rainbow are just a few of the subjects Pastor Brian Brodersen addresses in this Thru the Bible study, continuing in Genesis 6-9. For...
28 Sep 2016
Genesis 3-5
Why is there pain and suffering in the world? That is the age-old question. In this message on Genesis chapters 3-5, Pastor Brian Brodersen explains why we're broken; why there is...
21 Sep 2016
Genesis Introduction and Chapters 1-2
Brian Brodersen
14 Sep 2016
Why We Study the Bible
Brian Brodersen
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