Char Brodersen

Associate-Senior Pastor

Brian Charles Brodersen (Char) is the Associate-Senior Pastor at CCCM. Char has spent the last 13 years pastoring a small church in Northern California. He and his wife Grace have been married for 14 years and have three children: Judah, Hudson, and Evelyn.

Char is very passionate and convicted about lifelong learning and is currently enrolled at Western Seminary for his MABL. He has a deep passion to see the church live out the life of Jesus and to put the kingdom of God on display. His other passions and interests include time with family, traveling, and exploring the wonders of God’s beautiful creation, deep friendships, reading (all sorts), music (both playing and listening), film, and just about anything else you can think of. Char has a deep conviction that this is God’s world, filled with His power and presence, and is seeking to live in that reality day by day. 

Recent Studies

11 Sep 2022
Jesus-Formed Community on Mission
Pastor Char reminds us that evangelism is not an event but a posture. Our conviction, as a Jesus-Formed Community on Mission, is that the biblical "bread and butter" of witness...
17 Jul 2022
Jesus and the Adulteress Woman
Pastor Char teaches about the story of the woman caught in adultery, revealing to us that Jesus does not offer condemnation, but grace and compassion to those who are caught...
3 Jul 2022
Healing Water from God's Presence
Pastor Char Brodersen prompts us to remember that God Himself is the source of life and Spirit. God is good because He gives His Spirit freely to those who want...
19 Jun 2022
You Alone Have the Words of Deep Lasting Life
Pastor Char Brodersen reminds us there's a nuance of believing and trusting in Jesus. Genuine faith invokes a lot of questions, doubts, and struggles. There is a wrestling that comes...
22 May 2022
They Testify of Me
Pastor Char reminds us that the study of the Bible is not about mastering the text, but rather being mastered by the text. Studying the Bible is not about information,...
4 May 2022
Violence in the Old Testament
Char Brodersen reminds us that there are difficult topics for us to get around, not just culturally, but also theologically. Israel itself has a history of sordid stories and characters....
1 May 2022
White Fields and Deep Soul Satisfaction
In today’s message, Char Brodersen reminds us that the Gospel is more than the call to repentance and judgment. The Gospel, in all its power, is a proclamation of rescue,...
24 Apr 2022
Jesus and the Woman at the Well
Jesus had to go through Samaria. He was driven. Why? Because there was one soul searching for satisfaction. We often find ourselves thirsty just like the woman at the well,...