Char Brodersen

Senior Pastor

Brian Charles Brodersen (Char) is the Co-Senior Pastor at CCCM. Char has spent the last 13 years pastoring a small church in Northern California. He and his wife Grace have been married for 14 years and have three children: Judah, Hudson, and Evelyn.

Char is very passionate and convicted about lifelong learning and is currently enrolled at Western Seminary for his MABL. He has a deep passion to see the church live out the life of Jesus and to put the kingdom of God on display. His other passions and interests include time with family, traveling, and exploring the wonders of God’s beautiful creation, deep friendships, reading (all sorts), music (both playing and listening), film, and just about anything else you can think of. Char has a deep conviction that this is God’s world, filled with His power and presence, and is seeking to live in that reality day by day. 

Recent Studies

27 Aug 2023
The Law and the Prophets Fulfilled
Pastor Char declares that this Sermon on the Mount—the righteousness, justice, flourishing, and human wholeness that it puts forward—is possible because Jesus, our King, fulfilled all righteousness and brought to...
6 Aug 2023
Flourishing are the Peacemakers
"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God." Matthew 5:9

Pastor Char reminds us of what true peace is: Shalom. This biblical term conveys the idea of...
30 Jul 2023
Flourishing are the Pure in Heart
Pastor Char continues our Sermon on the Mount series by expanding on what it means to be pure in heart. He paraphrases Matthew 5:8 this way: Those who are flourishing are...
9 Jul 2023
Down is the New Up
Pastor Char Brodersen begins Matthew 5 speaking about what it means to be truly happy. Those who would experience this state must be completely dependent on Jesus. He declares that...
2 Jul 2023
A Kingdom Invitation
Pastor Char introduces us to our new series through the Sermon on the Mount. May we, as we study this beautiful section of Scripture, catch its glorious vision for humanity...
4 Jun 2023
Generous God, Generous People Pt. 2
Pastor Char continues our series, Generous Community, and reminds us that an essential part of our identity and mission as a Jesus-formed community on mission is this characteristic of generosity....
28 May 2023
Generous God, Generous People
Pastor Char continues our series, Generous Community, by going verse by verse through Matthew 6:19–34. He reminds us that from beginning to end, the whole narrative of Scripture is a...
14 May 2023
Life in His Name
Char closes out our series, Life in His Name, by asking us to consider these questions: What are we believing in? What are we trusting in and centering our lives...