John Hwang

Pastor | Staff Development

My role is to encourage and equip our church ministry leaders/teams to excel in their shepherding care of our congregation. I also serve as the campus director of Calvary Chapel Bible College Costa Mesa.


How have you seen God work through CCCM?

I have been a part of CCCM since 1983 and have witnessed God saving and building up people through the clear preaching and teaching of the Word of God. I have seen many trained for the ministry and sent out to plant churches in the US and other countries in the world. For me, the exciting thing is that these moments are not just past memories, but current, ongoing stories of grace today. God has done and still continues to do amazing things in and through our church, and I never get tired of watching Him work.


What was your first job? 

The Chapel Store.

Recent Studies

31 Jul 2022
Before Abraham Was, I Am
Pastor John Hwang continues through our series, "Life in His Name," with a message entitled, “Before Abraham Was, I AM!” Jesus’ words matter to His disciples. His words nourish, teach,...
10 Apr 2022
Hosanna, A Deep Longing for Deliverance.
“Hosanna! Save, now!” expresses a deep longing for deliverance that is heard and felt from the fall to the first advent of Christ to His second advent and the renewal...
6 Feb 2022
The True Light & the Children of God
The Gospel is the good news announcement that anyone and everyone who believes in Jesus will have a forever close and unbroken, living relationship with God. This is a promise...
24 Oct 2021
The Gospel of the Resurrected Christ
Our resurrection hope is rooted, grounded, and secure in the saving, sanctifying, and settling Gospel of Jesus, the Messiah. Pastor John Hwang continues our Everyday Discipleship series with his 1...
21 Apr 2021
The Spirit of God and the People of God
Pastor John Hwang continues with our Vision for Life series with his message, “The Spirit of God and the People of God,” taking us thorough Acts 1:8, 2:1-4, 4:31-33; 1...
2 Dec 2020
The Birth-Announcement of Jesus the Messiah
“Veiled in flesh the Godhead see; Hail the incarnate Deity.” In our first Christmas and the Gospels’ message, Pastor John Hwang shares about “The Birth Announcement of Jesus, the Messiah,”...
9 Sep 2020
Conversation Through Revelation 21-22
Be encouraged. God is going to create a perfect new world and He invites those who put their trust in Jesus to join Him there. In their final Conversation Through...
2 Sep 2020
Conversation Through Revelation Chapter 20
The Millenium, or the thousand-year reign of Christ, is a time when all the promises to Israel will be fulfilled by Jesus. Also, during Christ's thousand-year reign, the world will...