Ekklesia High School Ministry is a place where any and all high school students are welcome. Our heart is to foster an environment for those who are seeking to know about God, and explore the truths of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to make disciples who make disciples. We accomplish this through meeting with students on a weekly basis, teaching them how the bible applies to them personally, and walking them through sharing the love of Jesus in their sphere of influence. 


Ekklésia is the greek word for church (used in Matthew 16:18) it means "a gathering of citizens called out from their homes into a public place, an assembly". We believe that we have been called out for Jesus; to be used by Him and live by His word. 


Summer Events:

Hey guys this is our summer activities card. If you want to participate in our summer events please have this filled out, signed by your parents and turned in to an Ekklesia leader.   

We are going to the Fair July 25th! Check on our events page for more info.



When We Meet:



Ekklesia has two Sunday Morning services at 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM in the Charis Sanctuary. This time a means for us to dig deeper into God's word together. 



Wednesdays are the main hub for Ekklesia. We gather in the Charis Sanctuary from 7:00PM-9:00PM and have a time of fellowship, worship, digging into the word, and responding to what the Lord has shown us. We meet every Wednesday evening, and regularly participate in Communion. 





We would love for you to help us serve! See which area suits you best and just let us know. 




Have a heart for music and a desire to lead in worship? Check out our Worship ministry. Remember, worship is not just defined as playing in a band.



Production stretches from doing words, lights, sounds, recordings, etc. 



Prayer is essential for what we do at Ekklesia. If you have a heart for prayer, please consider coming alongside the ministry. 



Ekklesia means church, and church is community. You should feel welcome when you walk into our doors. Help us develop a deeper networking of fellowship and connectivity. 



If you have any interesting in serving or have any questions at all email us at ekklesia@cccm.com.


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Email: ekklesia@cccm.com

Address: 3800 S Fairview St
​Santa Ana, CA
Ekklesia Office adjacent the Fellowship Hall

Phone: (714) 979-4422

Extension: 2408