Best of 2022

CCCM presents the curated list of best studies taught in 2022. These are messages we think are worth a second listen to. 


6 Nov 2022
A New Commandment
Pastor Brian Brodersen teaches from John 13, and we see that Jesus predicts his betrayal and yet reminds his disciples to take hold of a new commandment–the commandment to love...
31 Oct 2022
The Glory of God Seen at The Table
Pastor Richard Cimino reminds us from John 13 that when our love fails, Jesus' love remains. At the farthest reach of our failures, in the uttermost display of our weakness,...
2 Oct 2022
How to Survive Criticism, Slander, and Being Misunderstood
Cheryl Brodersen reminds us of the beautiful posture of Mary in John 12. Being met with criticism for her act of worship, Mary decided to keep her eyes on the...
11 Sep 2022
Jesus-Formed Community on Mission
Pastor Char reminds us that evangelism is not an event but a posture. Our conviction, as a Jesus-Formed Community on Mission, is that the biblical "bread and butter" of witness...
4 Sep 2022
Take Me to Your Tomb!
Cheryl Brodersen walks us through John 11, when Jesus reveals one of the greatest aspects of Himself to Martha—that He is the resurrection and the life. Martha's faith was centered...
28 Aug 2022
I Give Them Eternal Life
Pastor Brian Brodersen brings up the debate over “once saved, always saved.” It is doubtful that anyone taking the message of the believer’s security in Christ as a license to...
10 Apr 2022
Hosanna, A Deep Longing for Deliverance.
“Hosanna! Save, now!” expresses a deep longing for deliverance that is heard and felt from the fall to the first advent of Christ to His second advent and the renewal...
21 Mar 2022
Everyone Who Is Born of the Spirit
The work of being born of the Spirit, of being led by the Spirit, only comes through believing in, trusting in, and centering our lives around the lifted up Son...
27 Feb 2022
Being a Witness
Pastor Jordan Taylor exhorts that Being a witness is the vital experience and role of the Christian life. A witness must first see and experience Jesus in order to testify...
30 Jan 2022
The Word Was God
John 1:1-5
“In the beginning was the Word.” Expounding on this opening verse of the Gospel of John, Pastor Brian reminds us that a word is a revelation made, a thought...