Easter 2022


17 Apr 2022
The Grave Conquering Lamb
Pastor Char Brodersen shares that the Christian life is to be one continuous celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. We practice this resurrection by accepting Jesus...
16 Apr 2022
Rest in Light of the Lamb of God
Historically, Christians have called this day Holy Saturday, but for many of us, we’ve skipped over the weight of the day between Jesus’ death and resurrection. 

Sofiah McKeown encourages you to...
16 Apr 2022
The Witnesses of the Resurrection
He is Risen! Pastor Brian Brodersen exhorts that since Jesus rose from the dead, the sting of death has been taken away. Since Jesus rose from the dead, the debt...
15 Apr 2022
Death in Light of the Lamb of God
Pastor Alec Correa reminds us that Good Friday IS good because it reminds us of the cross; it is good because the Lamb of God has conquered death and sin;...
15 Apr 2022
Good Friday
CCCM Good Friday Communion gathering with worship, readings by Jordan Taylor, Blake Barnes, and Robin Lewis, and a special message from Pastor Brian Brodersen.
14 Apr 2022
Friendship in Light of the Lamb of God
Friendship is one of the most amazing and fulfilling parts of our lives—we desire fellowship with the people we love! Pastor Kory Gaviria imparts that this Easter, we are to...
13 Apr 2022
Betrayal in Light of the Lamb of God
Pastor Cameron Franklin shares his thoughts on Betrayal in Light of the Lamb of God and highlights that Jesus knows what it’s like to be betrayed. Jesus can sympathize with...
12 Apr 2022
Hurt in Light of the Lamb of God
Pastor Craig Coffin shares that we can’t get to the resurrection unless we go through the crucifixion. Jesus wants to take on our hurts, our worries, and our failures today...
11 Apr 2022
Grief in Light of the Lamb of God
Where does grief fit into the celebration of a risen King? Pastor Josh Sorensen shares some thoughts on Jesus cleansing the temple and how we can respond to Jesus’ invitation...
10 Apr 2022
Hosanna, A Deep Longing for Deliverance.
“Hosanna! Save, now!” expresses a deep longing for deliverance that is heard and felt from the fall to the first advent of Christ to His second advent and the renewal...
10 Apr 2022
Worship in Light of the Lamb of God
Colin McLean, our Executive Director of Gatherings and Media, shares the first of our Passion Week devotionals with his theme of Worship in Light of the Lamb of God. The...